It all started with a spark. Or a blue-haired 13 year old sneaking into a David Bowie concert. Or was it The Clash? Who can remember…?

Natasha Duprey went from teenage punk rock delinquent to SFU Communications graduate whilst moonlighting as a music video producer. And then a decade of slogging through the trenches of rock band management, led to the position of music supervisor in 2003. Since then Natasha has music supervised Halle Berry into a Golden Globe nomination for ‘Frankie & Alice’, nurtured a Pam Grier / Snoop Dogg duet for ‘The L Word’ and placed the perfect song into umpteen hours of episodic television, feature films, trailers and ad campaigns.

Musical taste may be subjective, but obtaining proper copyright clearances is definitely not. If you are in need of a hyper-organized, diligent, creative mind to execute a music search, negotiate a song clearance or deliver a comprehensive music supervision package for your project …Natasha Duprey is your man.